Set Free

Out on: Kittball


Set Free (Original Mix)

Tube & Berger, Ghost Loft

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For their first single in 2016, Kittball founders Tube & Berger have teamed up with the Los Angeles based electronic musician Danny Choi better known as Ghost Loft. A hugely respected Artist in his own right , Ghost Loft lives in the fertile margins between Electronica, Nu Disco and Future R&B having worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Two Door Cinema Club and releasing on the legendary French label Kitsune. Set Free is a catchy one tracker featuring Ghost Lofts traditionally amazing vocals already known from his singles like Seconds or So High. Pushing the boundaries between their typical deep house sound and indie electronica, Tube & Bergers production is over layered with an evocative and plaintive vocal melody accompanied by emotional synth lines and pyschadelic guitar to create a melancholic late night classic.


Release: KITT112

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