Opinion: God Hates Religion

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Let’s start off this section lightly… hahaaa

I got this T-shirt recently because it’s perfect. Religion is the source of the most death by the hand of man and this is a fact that no one can deny. I think it’s best that before I go on I point out that I have met several extremely religious people that are really nice and intelligent so I am not bashing religious people, well maybe I am, but if it somehow works for you then go with it, at the same time it doesn’t take that much research to find out that all religions are just different takes of very similar “stories” and although in ancient times they were possibly there to help people develop good morals, have now been taken over by the Worlds elite and turned in to control mechanisms with a big emphasis on fear. Perhaps they were always that way and I am just trying to find a positive. Clearly Religion is a pile of shit and the World would be a better place without it. Just don’t confuse God and Religion in the same category, and hey, if you believe in 1 religion then you kinda have to buy into  all of them which gives us Gods in plural which I guess can be explained by the Aliens who created us in their own image each wanting their own piece of the pie :O

I am of the belief that the only current scientific answer is Agnosticism but if you are Agnostic or Atheist I don’t think that you can deny the presence of an “energy”. Through life experiences I have swayed towards the belief that God is all of us and everything, I am God, you are God, just everything is God. God is the energy that connects us all and I am also convinced that there is a collective knowledge. On many occasions I just know about, or how to do, things without ever having been taught. This also explains how we as people are able to evolve through the years, it’s not like a new person is born and they read everything that the previous generation discovered and take it from there, they just know certain things and we all “take it from there” as a whole.

Now I use the word God because that’s the word that gets thrown around but for me it is just that energy we are connected to, God is not some magical being in the sky. If you believe that then you really are a retard and you won’t be feeling welcome at my website for sure 🙂 Agnostics and Atheists I understand your viewpoint but there is something unexplained out there and you can word it however you want. Those of you that have chosen a religion, some of you are still great people but really, wake up, don’t let the childhood brainwashing overpower your intellect.

God hates Religion 🙂

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