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Nationalism is a touch illogical to me and almost as bad as Religion, I can’t say that I believe any hardcore nationalist could have given it much thought before committing. As a child raised in the UK I was implanted with that UK nationalism and fuck the French, we kicked their ass in the war etc. After growing up though and actually thinking about it I can’t find any reason to hate all French people because of previous wars that I had no part in. I highly doubt they had anything to do with anything other than power struggles between the elite and that none of the regular people wanted anything to do with it, only in those days the people were forced in to fighting without choice unlike the “political/tv/media fake idea of choice way” that people get brainwashed these days.

The only true divides that I see on our planet are between the masses (regular human beings) and the elite (Illuminati, Governments, Banker Families etc). Any other lines that have been drawn are just for the elite to stake their claims about which bit they will manipulate, abuse and tax the shit out of.  Divide and conquer tactics on the masses that doesn’t stop at country borders but extends through to religions, color of skin/race etc. So when it comes to Nationalists I can only say “Snap out of it”, anything or any role that the country you live in has done or played a part in historically was NOT your doing. With regards to more recent times; if you have fought in any of the Wars then clearly you have played a part in being a minion for the elite, if you want to be a Nationalist I can at least understand that you have been thoroughly brainwashed and have personal reasons to be one. Others that run about making statements about things that the history books claim your country was responsible for, what are you on about?, you had no role in it, IT WASN’T YOU. An example I have heard plenty of times would be, if you are a Greek, coming out and saying “We created democracy”…. Emmm, let’s re-word shall we, many generations ago the human beings residing in the region named Greece started Democracy and you, even if you are Greek, had NOTHING to do with it and played NO role in it. Stop clinging on to strands of claim for things that you are not responsible for and start focusing on what you can be responsible for in this lifetime, what have YOU done?. We are approaching a very dangerous time where the elite are getting more and more control over the masses, passing laws and regulations that are only beneficial to them. I don’t think we need to worry and borders, religion, skin color/race etc. We need to worry about freedom and that Democracy that was mentioned in this article and is now almost non-existent.

As a final note; I am not saying that we should not be proud of our ancestors accomplishments, if it truly was someone in your family bloodline that played a significant role for whichever thing, and if it was truly an accomplishment. I am also not saying that we should not be proud of people in our region or how beautiful the nature is in our area .. but let’s leave it at that!

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