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Now that you have processed your files through Platinum Notes and Mixed in Key you should have a Camelot wheel reference added to the beginning of each of your file names and all the levels of your tracks should be regulated so that you don’t need to use the auto-gain in Traktor Pro 2. The next step is to make sure that your tracks are beat-matched perfectly. This will be the final stage of preparation for your files before we can move on to actually mixing. It is explained in the video so I don’t need to harp on about it here, this task can get extremely boring if you let too many tracks build up so go through all your file preparation as and when you get new tracks. It will be much easier that way. I recently decided to re-create all my tracks to WAV format after comparing to MP3-320 and understanding a slightly better low-end, this has left me with 5000 tracks to re-beatgrid :O .. yes, it sucks but I really don’t need to do them all and have just done a few hundred of my latest additions and will do the rest as and when I need/want them. Once you are familiar with this simple beatgriding process it can even be done on the fly if you really wanted to.

Note* I have a few thousand watts in my living room and in this video it sounds like it was too loud for the laptop mic. I will have to re-create the video at a later date but for now it serves it’s purpose.

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