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Smoking is an interesting addiction lots of people have decided was worth it. I find it very strange because I do like to have a cigarette or two when I am drinking / partying AND I did smoke “full-time” (I guess you call it) for a while when I first discovered it towards the end of high school, this allows me to give a real opinion on the matter and not jut one of a non-smoker, but I do not find it physically addictive at all.

If you really like smoking that much (acknowledging all the negatives listed below), you don’t ever whine to people about wanting to quit bit can’t AND you enjoy throwing money away, then have at it, makes no difference to me I can assure you, at least you have conviction which I can respect.

Now; anyone who uses the excuse that they are addicted to smoking is a bit weak. Even if you smoke for years and years and we stick with the information that there is a physical withdrawal from the nicotine, the physical withdrawals from stopping are not that much worse, but nothing the same as,  a bad cold. It’s that kind of level of uncomfortable we are talking about here.  So all that remains is the psychological and habit elements. This is why I say “weak” above because it clearly means that there is no self-control or self-discipline. To anyone smoking and running around saying “oh, but I am addicted, I can’t quit right now because…”, you are weak, get a hold of yourself and stop making excuses. Smoking is not even cheap anymore so nowadays it is a waste of your health AND your money. Nicotine is not high up enough on my drug of choice list to spend money on it everyday of my life, and don’t forget the fact that there are health effects. As far as I am concerned we are all destined to die anyway so I don’t get hung up on the “smoking shortens your life” element, no, I am talking about while you are alive, destroying your endurance levels so that you can’t enjoy activities like those of us who are in shape, having shitty brown teeth, fingers and nasty breath, as well as making your place of residence and clothes smell like shit. That’s quite the list of negatives you need to balance out, so what positives do you get from it…. “em, I like it” is about all I have ever heard!!!

In conclusion the ancient Greeks knew a thing or two, one of their sayings translated is “everything in moderation”. I see no problem in having the odd cigarette here and there because you like it but don’t get all pathetic and weak and smoke all day everyday thinking it has something to do with anything but your will to quit because it doesn’t.

If you honestly want to quit then here is my 100% guaranteed way to do it: Make the decision to quit – have a little self-respect – follow through… done.

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