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I tell ya; everyone seems to have a fucking opinion these days… LMAO… you gotta love the hippocracy.

Personally I enjoy hearing opinions from people who have life experience and facts behind what they are saying, by facts I mean real facts that said person has been able to prove to themselves. The main problem is that the education system is flawed, it’s just another business and control mechanism. The fact is that 50% of what any given person thinks they know is false, they might think what they are saying is true but only because they are regurgitating something they were told without thinking, or researching, for themselves. Since most people are clearly not that interested in using their brains we are left with all these opinions flying out of peoples mouths that are utter shit.

When it comes to my opinions I can only say that I do not formulate them without having given them plenty of thought, usually for many years, and had life experiences and facts to prove or disprove how I am thinking. The main reasons I even bother to write them down at this website is for my own personal records, so I can check back in a few years and see how my opinions have evolved, and in the hopes that I may actually connect via the comments with others who have similar opinions. Constructive comments may help my opinions evolve and thoughtless comments will cement them and allow me to lash out my humorous attacks… LOL.

If you read anything at this website and think that I am not laughing about it all then you are wrong so keep that in mind if I have hit a topic that you are all weirdo about. It’s all in good fun and at the end of the day who has the right to decide what is right and wrong anyway?

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