Oh Baby Dance

Out on: Deeperfect Records


Oh Baby Dance (Original Mix)

Basti Grub, Natch & Dothen

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Every once in a while you hear a track filling the air of some night club you happen to have chosen to go to that night. It takes you some minutes to realize that this might be the next big thing, and you find yourself praying to the DJ to hold on with that transition. Sometimes you come back home and realize that this bomb you’ve just heard is already leading every possible chart, and sometimes, just sometimes, you and the DJ are both modern prophets, foreseeing and identifying the exact ingredients needed to make every dance floor taste like heaven. Now here’s a tip: they all exist inside Basti Grub, Natch! & Dothen’s “Oh Baby Dance” single on Deeperfect. Will you be the one to spread the prophecy?


Release: DPE1143

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