My Tip

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My Tip (Original Mix)

Dario D'Attis

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Swiss DJ and producer Dario D’Attis returns to Strictly Rhythm with ‘Breaks For Peace EP’ featuring two tracks of upbeat house, ‘Breaks for Peace’ and this track ‘My Tip’.

D’Attis started DJing in his hometown of Schaffhausen, a city in northern Switzerland where he set up a regular club night called Amaro with some friends in 1997, eventually moving on to play throughout the country. He started producing in 1999 and regularly plays at all the big clubs in Switzerland such as Mad in Lausanne, Supermarket in Zurich and Club Duo. The ‘Breaks For Peace EP’ demonstrates D’Attis’ flair for classy, steadily building beats and catchy rhythmic hooks. Each track is shaped perfectly, drawing on new ideas as it builds to create a smooth, fresh flow.


Release: SRNYC025D

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