Hiding Place

Out on: Iboga Records


Hiding Place (Critical Choice Album Mix)

Antix, Critical Choice

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Critical Choice is the brainchild of Filip Mardberg, Fredrik Gilenholt and Mikael Dahlgaard, and represents a natural progression toward creating something new and unique for the psy-trance scene. With their electronic music roots going all the way back to the early 90?s, the guys have helped pioneer the genres Progressive Psy-Trance and Scandinavian Trance. The Critical Choice sound incorporates the big old analogue sound that the trio all know and love. This foundation is blended with the emotion of the old Goa trance and techno that they grew up with, with a fresh new production incorporating unique musical ideas.

This track has Critical Choice on remix duty for Antix’s track ‘Hiding Place’



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