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Believe (Giom remix)

Fred Everything, Kathy Diamond, Giom

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Defected is proud to present ‘Believe’, the new single on from Canadian DJ and producer Fred Everything. Known in the early nineties as simply ‘Everything’ because of the eclectic nature of his sets that spanned techno, house and even drum and bass, Fred Everything has refined his style somewhat and is now a prolific house producer. Accompanied by Kathy Diamond’s soft jazz vocals, the track has a steady, grooving, house bassline with a warm relaxed vibe.

On this remix duty Giom takes it deeper and more percussive with both his remix and dub, giving the easy-going track a more rhythmic build-up. It’s not surprising considering when Giom’s not at the mixing board he’s working a drum kit.


Release: DFTD484D

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